Terms & Conditions

1. Licence to Sell

The seller must own or a licence to have rights to sell the code. If any vendor found guilty. We will remove his/her item from our website and will freeze all the earnings.

2. Membership

To access the website content you do not need to be a member of the site. However to get access of some features of the website you have become member at Instacode.

3. Trade Marks

The images including logos and any other graphics which are displayed on the website, trademarks or content on whole website, are allowed to the concern owner who owns the rights of it.

4. Copyright Claims

If you find any vendor at Instacode using your contents or graphics or any other legal concern, please contact us at info@instacode.in along with proof of your ownership to that content.

5. User personal Information Required

We may require some personal information like your email, PayPal ids for our internal use. We never compromise your personal information at any cost.

You are completely responsible for the proper and valid information which you will provide us.

6. Be Authentic Vendor

Never ever upload other developers’ codes or any other item on InstaCode despite having rights. If we found any misleading / copyrighted content claimed by other persons, Then we will freeze your account as well as earnings, and you will be banned forever from using InstaCode.

7. In Some Cases we are the Boss!

Instacode will have all rights for complete website and can change the content at any time without prior announcements.

8. Fees

Payment will be made via PayPal or credit card (via PayPal). User will have to take care about all fees and charges like withholding tax based upon your country. All prices are in USD. Buyer will be responsible for any extra cost while making purchase as well as costs of exchanging between currencies.

9. Commissions

We will not charge any commission to buyers. Commission will be applicable to sellers (vendors) only. It will be according to the vendor agreements.Vendor will earn 75% of the item sell price

10. Disclaimer

Instacode does not exclude any non-excludable rights but does prohibit all other terms & conditions implied by custom, law or statute.