Two Pets Race To 2K48 (Android)




Once it starts it’s hard to end! This merge numbers race will get you hooked up for hours! Two pets race to 2048! Puzzle is Suit for all age and completely FREE to play!
Play to infinite numbers. See how far you can get, push your limits!

There’s race between 2 pets both pets are handle at the same time.The game is about controlling the 2 pets which is racing at the same time and have task to collecting both side dots with the same number dots shown on pets and at the same time avoid the square blocks with are with different numbers.

Control the 2 pets in two way at the same time To test your left and right brains. Its much harder than you think.

- Tap to change lanes. 
- Collect dots with same number as shown on pets.
- If you collect another number dots game ends there.
- Don’t miss any dots with same number.
- The higher you merge the higher is your score.

-fun for children, girls, boys and adults
-improves Brain skills
-improves maths skill.
-very simple, hard to play!
-Kills time and relieves stress
-Great for playing at work, at home, at the office and at school.
-Endless gameplay
-Beat new records and surprise your friends with your Score!
-Mind soothing sound Tracks. 


  • Built with Cocos2D-X
  • Ready for Android
  • Ready to Upload: If you want to upload it to your play store account with the same graphics, You Can!!!  
  • Easy to Reskin
  • InApp Purchase & Billing
  • Chartboost Full Screen Ads
  • Unity Full Screen Ads
  • SDKBOX for InApp Purchase & Chartboost & unityads
  • Admob Banner Ads & Interstitial (Full Screen) Ads
  • Game Services for Android
  • Social Sharing on Facebook, Whatsapp, Twitter and others.
  • Game Rate Feature (Will open play store).
  • More Apps Feature (Will open more apps in play store).
  • Detailed Documentation

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Operating Systems Android 4.0, Android 5.0, Android 6.0, Android 7.0, Android 8.0



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