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Meditation Music is a free collection of different flavors of soothing music to heal your body, mind and soul. Listening to meditation music can significantly reduce how much stress you feel in daily life. Relaxation music helps you connect to your inner peace.

"Listening to relaxing music, together with breathing or meditating right before going to bed, is a great way to disconnect from your busy day and welcome the serenity and peace of the night."

Meditation music benefits:
* Reduces stress & enhances energy
* Improves concentration
* Encourages a healthy lifestyle
* Increases self-awareness & self-confidence
* Increases happiness
* Increases acceptance
* Slows aging
* Develops emotional maturity
* Benefits cardiovascular and immune health
* Relaxes our nervous system
* Relieve depression and increase self-esteem
* Raises IQ and Academic Performance


  • Built with Objective c
  • Ready for iOS
  • Ready to Upload: If you want to upload it to your itunes account with the same graphics, You Can!
  • Easy to Reskin
  • InApp Purchase & Billing
  • Admob Banner Ads & Interstitial (Full Screen) Ads
  • Social Sharing on Facebook, Whatsapp, Twitter and others.
  • Game Rate Feature (Will open app store).
  • More Apps Feature (Will open more apps in app store).
  • Detailed Documentation

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