No, Registration is completely free for any user.
Account registration is required only for buying and selling the codes, applying rating, writing reviews and some profile related stuff. When surfing on the website & window shopping does not require any registration.
For a worldwide user base we use all transactions in USD only.
We accept payments via PayPal
Credit is a terminology which can be used to buy products at Instacode. Credit will be considered as your Dollars. After registered yourself with Instacode, you can add credit from payment gateway.
Added Credit is non-refundable.
Once the item is downloaded from url, then it will not be refunded.
If you want a refund on a Product you must make a claim to support(support@instacode.in) within 15 days of purchase with a genuine reason. If we found it proper then only refund will be proceed.
We will rectify claims on their merits, with regard to the digital nature of the goods and any preview or inspection that was available before purchase.

There is no obligation to provide a refund or credit for reasons including (but not limited to) if you:
   - Have changed your mind about a Product.
   - Bought a Product by mistake.
   - Do not have sufficient expertise to use the Product.
Any registered vendor can sell the items on InstaCode.
You can be a vendor at the time of registration as well as in the profile section there is an option to apply for a vendor anytime!
There are many reasons to sell your great items at InstaCode. some of them are as mentioned below.
We will give you 75% of your product price.
You will have a great number of genuine buyers
Quick approval of the items.
Great support from InstaCode!
You can get paid once your earnings reach to $100. You can ask for the withdrawal of your earnings at any time.
You can get paid via PayPal or BankWire.
You can withdraw funds from your account at any time after 15 days of order completed. Transfers can be made to a verified bank account or PayPal payment method based on your refund amount request.
There are no fees charged for withdrawing funds from your account. You have at leaset $100 or above earning credits to initiate the withdrawal.
Indian vendor can request to withdraw amount via PayPal or BankWire. Non-Indian vendors can only be paid via PayPal.
Just follow few steps
   - Register at InstaCode.
   - Verify your email and activate your account.
   - Choose the right item you are looking for.
   - Add to Cart & make payment for your cart it via PayPal.
   - A downloadable link will be sent you on your register email within 48 hours after payment confirmation.
No. For security reasons it will expire after 48 hours. But don’t you worry. You can request for a new link to download your purchased items anytime
Yes, but you need to specify a genuine reason. If we found the reason is not valid then you will not be able to get a refund. We will listen to both our parties.